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Bathroom Installations in Glasgow City Centre

Last month took us from Helensburgh to the City Centre of Glasgow, to Clyde street near Clydeside Quay, to refit not one but two bathrooms in the same property. You can watch our video of the job below:

The customer wanted us to completely remove their old bathrooms and replace them with brand new fully tiled bathrooms. Here is how they looked before we started work:

Being a team of bathroom fitters and experienced tilers we were able to get to work on both bathrooms simultaneously. The first step was to totally clear out both rooms, stripping everything out down to the bare walls and floorboards to give us a fresh canvas to work from.

In the process we found evidence that water had been leaking round the bath and shower areas, with visible areas of damp and black mould.

This is just a reminder of why at Pegasus Bathrooms and Tiling we take waterproofing so seriously, as this would only get gradually worse over time if left. As it was, no major damage had been done and nothing needed to be replaced. We’re just glad we caught it when we did and were able to do the job properly this time.

We proceeded to ‘tank’ what would become the wet areas of the new bathrooms, which means to prepare them in such a way that they form a completely waterproof foundation before the tiles go on. We use various materials to do this, including Wedi board, which, as well as being waterproof, is also a great heat insulating material, which will make the bathroom less chilly in winter.

The client was going for a sleek modern look, so prior to tiling we created recessed areas to conceal the cisterns. In the main bathroom, the client had opted for a lengthened shower area so we had to build out a custom frame to support this. We also had to position some power points and radiators with care to get everything to work together. These things take some extra time, but we find it’s the attention to detail with the preparation and all the little touches that make a high quality bathroom really come together.

Finally, we tiled the walls and floors with some fantastic tiles from Original Style - a combination of subtly contrasting greys. Check out the final result below. What a change!

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