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Kitchen Floor in Milngavie

A change of pace this week as we’re in Milngavie for a large kitchen floor and adjoining hall job. This kitchen already had a high quality hardwood floor but the client wanted a change to tiles so we were happy to help, as we specialise not only in bathrooms but in all aspects of domestic tiling.

Our first job was to remove the existing floor, which was quite a task as it was very well laid! We also had an island breakfast bar and a large fridge/freezer to move first - two very heavy items. Fortunately the client was away on holiday while all this work was going on, which is ideal for everyone.

As we removed the hardwood to expose the floorboards underneath, we put down a levelling compound on certain sections to level out any little dips. We also found that the floor surface was different between the two halves of the kitchen, with half being timber and the other being concrete, indicating that an extension might have been added in the past. This meant the two floor sections were at slightly different heights, which we solved by laying Hardiebacker board followed by a Durabase membrane to bring the two sections level with each other, ready to be tiled.

We then carefully laid the tile in an offset, farmhouse style grid pattern and we have to say, we loved the Client’s selection of tiles. Here are a few photos of the final floor. We think it looks really fantastic, and we’re delighted that the client is happy!

Barry and the team at Pegasus Bathrooms and Tiling

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