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New Bathroom Installation in Cardross

We recently completed a full bathroom refit in the village of Cardross in Dumbartonshire. The client, Nicky and Stuart, wanted us to fit their new, fully tiled waterproof bathroom. Luckily that is our speciality!

We started with a full removal of the existing bathroom fittings and old tiles. With everything cleared out, we checked over the existing pipework to confirm it was in good shape, and fixed a couple of old pipes before re-sealing the floor.

Next we constructed a wooden frame for the main wall to house the enclosed cistern and keep everything neat and tidy. While making the frame, we decided to build in a couple of niches on either side of the toilet to have as a nice feature (you can see how they turned out in photos below).

Once the frame was complete, we boarded everything up and replaced some old plaster to make sure all the walls and surfaces were sound. Then we moved to perhaps the most important stage - waterproofing or ‘tanking’ the soon to be tiled wall surfaces and pipe fixings so they don’t leak behind the tiles, and the bathroom installation will last for years.

With the all important prep stages complete we then tiled the walls and floor with the customer’s choice of ceramic tiles, and finally installed the bath, shower, sink and other fixtures, using professional tools to achieve a perfect finish. Last but not least we added a few finishing touches to seal everything up and make it ready for use.

Thank you Nicky and Stuart for choosing to work with us, and we hope you love your new bathroom!

Barry and the team at Pegasus Bathrooms and Tiling

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