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Tiled shower upgrade in Rhu

Last week we were called out to renovate a bathroom and create a new feature tiled shower area for the Anderson family in Rhu. Click the video below to see how it turned out!

First things first - We started by laying a protective film throughout the halls, protecting the family’s carpets and floors while we carried out our work. Keeping things clean and tidy and minimising disruption for our customers is a must!


To get started we removed a large section of existing tile surrounding the shower area. The customer requested their new shower be recessed into the wall for a clean, modern finish. However we found the old tiles were backed by a solid brick wall that could not be moved.

To solve this, we created a false wall a couple of inches deep to house the shower unit and the pipes. As backing for the frame and underlay for the shower tray we used an advanced material called Wedi Board, which is 100% waterproof and guarantees a watertight finish that will last years. We never cut corners on waterproofing. As experienced bathroom fitters we know it’s what’s underneath the tiles that really counts.

With that all in place we hooked up the pipes, installed the shower itself, then tiled the shower area.


The large grey tiles contrast nicely with the existing tiles, and the recessed shower gives that minimalistic, modern finish. The customer loved it and so do we!

Barry and the team at Pegasus Bathrooms and Tiling

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