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Wet Room Installation in Paisley

This week we were in Paisley to create a wet room style bathroom for Colin and Alison.

What is a wet room? A wet room is essentially an open plan bathroom. This means the water from the shower falls directly on to the floor rather than being enclosed in a separate cubicle. Since every surface in a wet room is in constant contact with water, the number one factor in installing a quality wet room is - you guessed it - waterproofing.

Most people would be surprised to hear at this point that tile is NOT actually waterproof. Tile is water resistant but it is not fully water proof. This isn’t a big issue for general wall tiles, but a wet room is a different story - especially when it comes to the floor.

If left in standing water, tile will let through a small amount of water and, over time, with daily use, this can become a big problem. We have seen some severe damage caused to floors and floorboards by contractors cutting corners and tiling straight on to surfaces. This is why we invest a lot of care in 'tanking' the bathroom when building on a wet room.

A trend you will notice with our projects is that once the preparation is complete, the rest of the bathroom comes together quickly. Having prepped the walls and floor with waterproofed backing, we tiled the walls first, so the floor tiles would slide neatly under and create a perfect seal. The tiles for the shower area were then carefully angled to direct the water straight to the drain, before connecting the suite to finish the job.

We think this wet room came together really well - what a transformation!

Barry and the team at Pegasus Bathrooms and Tiling

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