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Why choose Pegasus Bathrooms?

Beautiful bathroom in a Helensburgh townhouse

So, you’re thinking about getting a new bathroom or upgrading your existing bathroom. Congratulations!


Finding the right bathroom fitter for your project is a very important decision, but it can be hard to know who or how to choose.


If you search online for ‘bathroom fitter Helensburgh’ you will find several companies offering installation services in the local area.


The question you might be asking is - are all bathroom companies pretty much the same? And if so, should you just go with whoever comes back first with the cheapest quote?


Or maybe in the back of your mind you’re wondering if you need to hire a professional bathroom fitter at all. Perhaps you could rope in a family member and take the DIY route. It’s more work, but is there really that much difference in the end result?


These are normal questions to have when considering a new bathroom or a bathroom remodel.

How to choose a bathroom fitter

Water encased in a glass sphere, symbolising waterproofing

Before you make a hasty decision, it’s important to realise that the bathroom is a unique room in the home. Why? Because it is constantly exposed to running water and very high levels of moisture.

Of course, we all know that bathrooms get wet, but most people are surprised to learn that traditional bathroom materials like tile and grout are not, in fact, by themselves, waterproof.


(They are only water “resistant” - not water proof - and there is a big difference.)


Water is very damaging when not controlled properly, and this means fitting a bathroom is not like putting up shelves or repainting a wall. It’s a job that requires specialist knowledge and skills, where things can go wrong very quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Unfortunately, many people - including many ‘bathroom fitters’ who ought to know better - think you just need to rip out the old bathroom, buy a new suite, move it into place, connect the plumbing, and hey presto.


On a surface level such a bathroom may look the part… at least at first.


However, it’s only once you start using it that you realise the job has not been done professionally, as you are beset by issues like pooling water, mould and mildew, condensation, dampness, and even leaks into the rooms or property below.


Issues like these can quickly turn a room that should be a sanctuary into a daily source of frustration, inconvenience, and even expense.

Fully waterproofed luxury bathrooms

A bathroom mirror above a basin, reflecting a bright modern tiled bathroom

At Pegasus Bathrooms and Tiling, our mission is to build you a dream bathroom that not only looks stunning from the outside, but functions smoothly and seamlessly, day-to-day, every day, for years to come.


To achieve this level of quality, we begin each build with a process called Tanking, which is something you may not have heard of before.


Tanking means installing a fully waterproof membrane around the walls and floor areas of the room, sealing them, and preventing leaks, dampness and water damage.


As well as creating a more hygienic and safe environment, tanking helps preserve the appearance of your bathroom by keeping everything in great condition for many years to come.


This is the first stage of a Pegasus bathroom, and it’s one of the things we do that sets us apart. Proper waterproofing takes a little extra time and care, but we believe the extra effort is worth it to bring you peace of mind and deliver a high quality, lasting result.


Tanking is something many bathroom fitters and general tradesmen don’t or won’t do, but since you never get to see it, most people would never even be aware of it or think to ask.


But now you know - the most important part of a luxury bathroom is what happens below the surface!


Of course, there will always be people willing to cut corners, but here at Pegasus Bathrooms and Tiling we believe in building the highest quality bathrooms possible, using only the best materials and techniques - from the foundation up.


We would love to hear about your project, whether large or small. If you’re looking for the best bathroom fitters in Helensburgh, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat and we will be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

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